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Our low-temperature recovery process efficiently reclaims electrolyte solvents, lithium, graphite, nickel, cobalt and other essential metals for sustainable material cycles

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 - Domestic battery collection services

 - Interim storage of batteries with fire mitigating measures

 - Independent and accredited certification for the proper disposal through sustainable processes

 - Sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of recycling and recovery  

 - RFID tagging, packing and repatriation of blackmass


Recovery technology

Harnessing residual energy that supplements  our adoption of solar power to power up our plant's operation.


Battery housing, battery  management system, connectors, cables, cooling system distmanling.


Crushing,  shredding and distillation to get the electrolyte, copper, aluminum, and black mass which includes lithium, graphite, cobalt, nickel and manganese.

Refinement and


Why equalithium ?

> 98% Critical material recovery

Secure discharge process

Harnessing residual energy

No usage of water

Zero toxic emissions
Low energy consumption



Refining black mass
Interim safe
Discharging, dismantling, shredding & material separation
Independent certification of disposal & recovery
Delivering quality black mass recovered as a service
Black mass recovery

Redefining battery recovery process for a sustainable future

Addressing sustainability issues for

lithium-ion batteries.

About us

Equalithium emerged as the brainchild of Amboss, born out of a commitment to finding environmentally conscious solutions for the burgeoning electric mobility sector.


Equalithium is transforming the future of electric mobility by employing a circular economy approach to recover critical raw materials through recycling process. With a deep understanding of the industry and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, Equalithium is a leader in the field.

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